The PDO Road Safety 7 Pillar Audit is a comprehensive assessment of a company's/Contract’s road safety performance based on the Seven Pillars haulier assessment tool developed by Shell and is a valuable tool for companies/Contracts to identify and address their road safety risks. It can help to improve road safety performance, reduce accidents, and save lives.

The main areas defined for the scope of the audit are:

  • Leadership and commitment,
  • Journey Management
  • Commuting
  • In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)
  • Driver requirements
  • Vehicle Requirements
  • Roadworthiness assurance standard (RAS)

The results are measured by confirming the compliance with the questions related to each pillar, rating and ranking them against the information gathered during the audit. The 7 Pillar Audit Team will assess the company's road safety performance against the scope defined above and provide with a detailed report of their findings. The report will include recommendations for improvement based on the finding. The audit shall also consider the company/contracts PDO JMCC KPIs and Motor Vehicle Incidents (MVI), Road Safety Defects (Class A, B, C & D), Non-compliance and Life Saving Rule Violations and Exposures as background information.