Dareen Global LLC is a dynamic organization specializing in two key areas, demonstrating unwavering commitment to safety and excellence.

Road Safety Standards Body:

Our RSSB Team plays a pivotal role in supporting PDO’s mission to enhance road safety compliance across various locations, aligning with the ambitious goal of ‘Goal Zero.’ Comprising four core streams – Road Safety Standards Team (RSST), Road Safety Engineering Team (RSET), 7 Pillar audit team (7PAT), and Mechanical Engineering Team (MET) – we actively contribute to fostering a safer road environment.

Safety Products and Service Division:

At Dareen Global LLC, we stand as dedicated strategic partners with our clients, collaborating to understand and address their safety challenges. Recognizing the multitude of workplace hazards, including heights, chemicals, hazardous gases, falling objects, and noise our mission is to transform workplaces into safer environments. Clients entrust us because they know their businesses can flourish securely under our guidance.

Our unwavering commitment is exemplified through superior quality products, coupled with exceptional and personalized customer service. Armed with extensive industry knowledge, we empower our clients to optimize safety expenditure. With an unparalleled global network of manufacturers, we ensure the supply of quality products at competitive prices.

As authorized distributors, we offer a comprehensive range of safety solutions, including:

  • Fall Protection Solutions (3M/DBI Sala/Protecta USA)
  • Confined Space Entry & Retrieval Systems (3M / DBI Sala / Protecta USA)
  • Drop Prevention Systems for Tools (3M / DBI Sala / Protecta USA)
  • Portable Gas Monitoring Systems (Industrial Scientific, USA)
  • Portable Ventilation Solutions (Ramfan, USA)
  • Respiratory Protection Devices (3M / Scottsafety, USA)
  • Environmental Quality Measuring and Detection Instruments (TSI, USA)
  • PPE (3M / Pyamex, USA)
  • Fire Protection Clothing (Nomadic, India)
  • Disposable and Reusable Respirators, Welding Helmets (3M, USA)
  • Hand Gloves for Various Applications (Granberg, Norway)
  • Ladder Secure System (Buckingham Manufacturing, USA)
  • Industrial Adhesives and Tapes (3M, USA)

At Dareen Global LLC, we are not just suppliers; we are partners in creating a safer, more secure working environment for our clients.