Road Safety Engineering Team (RSET)

The pillar of Safe Roads is one among the 5 in PDO’s Strategy Management for Zero Severe Injuries. The objective of the RSET is to provide support & assistance to achieve the goal of ZERO fatal & severe road crash injuries on concession roads, utilising a safe system approach within the realm of road safety engineering. The primary activities of the RSET are as follows:

  • Develop and monitor a customized Safer Road Infrastructure Strategy to meet Safer Road Targets.
  • Create and employ Safer Road Design Standards and tools.
  • Develop and revise SOPs, Processes, and Coordination Mechanisms to encompass road safety.
  • Establish risk analysis and maps, conducting road safety audits/inspections at high-risk sites.
  • Strengthen PDO’s road safety capabilities in Road Infrastructure, construction, road crash Data, & M&E.
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to various teams, enhancing the safety of ongoing projects.