Mechanical Engineering Team (MET)

The RSST Mechanical Engineering team, in alliance with PDO contractors, works diligently to ensure safe and well-performing vehicles. Our strategy highlights:

  • VMMS & Workshops: Merging SP 2000 V5 with international standards, to optimize vehicle metrics, providing pivotal insights for PDO stakeholders.
  • Operating Procedures: Our structured approach ensures staff involvement in VMMS processes aligns with SP 2000 and OPAL RS protocols.
  • Inspections: Our commitment to SP 2000 V5 criteria ensures feedback-driven evaluations, bolstering contractor proficiency.
  • Vehicle Database: More than data storage – a hub for in-depth, collaborative PDO contractor engagement.
  • (PIMVI) Post Incident Mechanical Vehicle Inspection: In line with SP 2000 V5 diagnostics, we conduct thorough inspections post-incident to provide valuable insight in vehicle integrity and safety.

Our ethos underscores precision, teamwork, and a steadfast commitment to global benchmarks in vehicle safety and maintenance.