Buck Ladder Tether (BLT) -128R

  • Specially designed Ladder Lock System to secure ladder from ground, pole, or any other structure you may be working
  • The BLT is especially ideal for substation work. We’ve tested the BLT in numerous scenarios and the BLT was able to provide fall protection in most, if not all, scenarios in the sub.
  • The Ladder FP Anchor Strap attaches to the top of the ladder, securing the lifeline to the ladder.
  • Lifeline includes ANSI Z359.15 rated BuckArrester system, allowing for 100% fall protection on ascent and descent.
  • The BuckArrester design provides the user with smooth hands-free up and down tracking, allowing the user to maintain the required 3-point contact at all times.
  • The ladder lock strap bag easily stays out of the way when the ladder is in use.
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Product Number: 128R
Product Name: Buck Ladder Tether (BLT)
Product Number: 355TQ2
Product Name: Buck Ladder Tether Ladder Straps
Material: Vinyl
Height: 5.5″
Width: 14″
Color: BuckViz Green
Closure Type: Hook & Loop Fastener
Attach Type: Quick Lock Buckles
Thread Material: Nylon
Straps (2):
Material: Nylon Web
Length: 20′
Width: 1″
Adjustment: Cam Buckle
Attach Type: Snap / Dee Ring
Thread Material: Nylon
Product Type: Ladder / Fall Protection
MBS: 800 lbf. (3.55 kN)
Standards: N/A
Made in the USA?: Yes
Product Number: 3912
Product Name: Ladder Anchor Sling
Length: 37.5″
Width: 1.75″
Material: Nylon web w/ outer tubing
Connection Loops: Yes
# of Connection Loops: 2
MBS: 5,000 lbf. (22 kN)
Made in the USA?: Yes
Product Number: 39Y8Q2-28
Product Name: Ladder Tether Lifeline
Length: 28′
Material: 7/16″ Double Braid Rope
Connector: Steel Triple Action Carabiner (5005S3)
Connector Standards: ANSI Z359.12
MBS: 5,000 lbf. (22 kN)
Standards: ANSI Z359.15
Made in the USA?: Yes
Product Number: 5004BQ1
Product Name: Ladder Fall Arrestor
Length: 2.75″
Width: 1.25″
Connector: Aluminum Carabiner w/ Captive Pin
Connector Standards: ANSI Z359.12
Designed For: 7/16″ Rope
MBS: 3,600 lbf. (16 kN)
Average Arresting Force: 900 lbf.
Standards: ANSI Z359.15
Made in the USA?: Yes
Kit Weight: 6.4 lbs.

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