Hazardous Location Manhole Entry Device UB20xx M.E.D

Anti-static system ventilates without blocking the entry to maintain airflow while working and permits rapid entry and exit. Package includes:

  • 8″ (20 cm) UB20xx Blower/Exhauster
  • Quick-Couple canister with 5′ (1.5 m) and 15′(4.6 m) duct
  • M.E.D. (Manhole Entry Device)
  • 90° elbow
  • Universal mount


Part # EF8002

EF8015 (w/ Quick Couple Canister  & 15’/4.6 m duct)

EF8025 (w/ Quick Couple Canister  & 25’/7.6 m duct)

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions  (h/w/d) 35 x 35 x 39 cm
Impeller 9-Blade
Fan Casing Anti-static Polycarbonate ABS Alloy
Duct Adapters 2
Noise 74 dB
Motor 0.25 kW
Motor Type Totally Encapsulated Air Over Flame Proof
Electric 230V, 1ø, 50/60Hz
Amps -Start




Run Time Continuous
Cable 7.6 m/1.5 mm2
Plug Types A.T.X. 200/250V
Operating  Temperature -30°C to +40°C
Certifications & Approvals II 2 G Ex de IIB T6 Gb

IECEx UL Certificate #: 13.0062X

EC-Type Examination Certificate #: DEMKO 09 ATEX 0926969X  INMETRO Certificate #: UL-BR 13.0593X

CE Hazardous Location Marking: CE0539  Ingress Protection: IP55

Motor Part Number EM-F.33-60XPEX

IMPA Codes: EF7002: 591416

EF8002: 591417

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