Proxxi Voltage Wristband

Protect your workers. Proxxi Voltage can bring you one step closer to eliminating electrical injuries by helping catch and correct human error.


• Provide alerts to workers as they near energized equipment
• Works in any voltage environment from 110V – 500kV
• Take proactive steps to reduce injuries and fatalities with data insights
• Proxxi’s voltage sensing wristband helps prevent injury and death by alerting workers to unexpected risk.




  • Band 262mm x 32.5mm x 12.5mm (max wrist size: 247mm or about 9.7in circumference)
  • Charger: 46mm long x 36mm wide x 16.5mm tall
  • Power Adapter Type A (NA): 58mm long x 25mm wide x 58mm tall, 1.5m cord
  • Power Adapter Type C (EU): 58mm long x 25mm wide x 77.5mm tall, 1.5m cord
  • Power Adapter Type G (UK): 58mm long x 48mm wide x 70.5mm tall, 1.5m cord
  • Individual Box Unit Box: 127mm x 101.5mm x 101.5mm
  • 6 Unit Shipping Box: 330mm x 228.5mm x 152.5mm


Type of load

  • Band: wirelessly charged by dock
  • Dock: 5V/1A (Micro-USB connector)
  • Charger (wall-wart)
  • Type A (NA): In: 120V Out: 5V DC/1A
  • Type C (EU): In: 240V Out: 5V DC/1A
  • Type G (UK): In: 240V Out: 5V DC/1A


Connection type

  • Micro USB
  • Bluetooth LE (5.0, 4.2 compatible)



  • 110V and above


Activation time of each alert

  • Initial Alert – 1-2 short buzzes every 5 seconds until removed from hazard area
  • High Alert – Sustained until wearer removed from hazard area


Battery Life

  • Approximately 30 hours



  • CE
  • FCC
  • IP68 Compliant
  • ASVS Lvl 1
  • SOC3 Compliant Data Center Storage
  • ASTM F3283/F3283M



  • Bluetooth LE