TSI – Quest Sound Examiner 400 Series

The TSI / Quest Sound Examiner Sound Level Meter SE-402 IS is an intrinsically safe meter engineered to accurately measure noise levels in highly variable environments. This easy-to-use instrument calculates the average sound pressure level (LEQ/LAVG) over the run time; data log the maximum, minimum, and peak values, and enables data to be downloaded for further analysis.

  • Intrinsically Safe
  • SPL, LMAX, LMIN, Peak, LEQ/LAVG, Elapsed Time
  • Variable, user-selectable data logging intervals
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Store numerous noise surveys in memory for download
  • Removable Type/Class 1 microphone
  • Multilingual user interface
  • 28.4cm (L) x 7.1cm (W) x 3.3cm (D) / 11.2″(L) x 2.8″(W) x 1.3″(D) (with preamp and microphone)


Parameters SPL, LMax, LMin, LPk (peak), LEQ/LAVG, LE, Elapsed Time
Peak and Frequency


A, C, Z
Response Time Fast and Slow
Ranges 110 dBA total dynamic measurement range.

Overall range 30 – 140 dBA (single range)

Max Peak Level 143 dBA (sampled peak)
Exchange Rates 3, 4, 5 dBA
Status Indicators Run, Stop, Battery Status, OL (overload),

UR (under-range), Run-Time, Locked Status

Size 28.4 cm (L) x 7.1 cm (W) x 3.3 cm (D)

(with preamp and microphone)

Weight SE-402-IS model: 14.5 oz / 410 g

(with preamp and microphone)

Housing ABS Polycarbonate IP65.

(Enclosure rated to IP65. Microphone

and external connectors not IP rated.)

Drop Protection Minimum 2 meters onto concrete,

2 times on each face. Acceptable

microphone damage

Power / Electrical Characteristics
Battery 1500 mAHr for IS models, rechargeable

Run-Time: 8 hours for IS models

Internal Memory 2MB (34 days at 1-minute logging)

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QUEST Sound Examiners SE


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