3M Extreme Sealing Tape, 4412N

Our 3M Extreme Sealing Tape 4412N is a translucent, highly conformable, single-sided, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive tape with a high-performance ionomer backing. It is an ideal solution for creating a watertight seal. It conforms over fasteners, seams, joints, holes, and gaps to ensure a long-lasting seal on a variety of substrates.

Protect, Seal, and Paint with Confidence
3M Extreme Sealing Tape 4412N is a translucent, 0.080 in (2.0 mm) thick tape featuring a flexible backing that easily conforms over screw heads, rivets, joints, splices, and other protrusions to provide protection from water intrusion. The durable, abrasion resistant backing makes this tape a good choice for outdoor applications were exposure to weather is a concern. Since it can be painted, you can match most existing colors to blend seamlessly into the surrounding area while retaining the water-tight bond.

The soft, yet thick acrylic adhesive adheres immediately, allowing for quick application and eliminating unnecessary downtime. This adhesive not only bonds instantly to a variety of substrates, but it adheres well to itself in order to maintain a consistent seal while creating overlapping joints. A backside liner ensures easy handling and application of the tape.

Recommended Applications

Truck and trailer roof sealing
Window and door sealing
Joints and seams

Bringing Better Ideas to the Surface through Science and Innovation
In our 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, we apply the science of adhesion to deliver innovative solutions that improve the design and manufacturing processes of companies around the world. In the end, our technologies help customers like you deliver competitive products to the market faster and more efficiently.

  • Translucent, 0.080 in (2.0 mm) thick tape is designed for difficult sealing applications
  • Sticks on contact to many metals, plastics, and other hard-to-stick-to surfaces
  • Provides immediate seal with no wait time or oozing associated with liquid sealants
  • Tough, yet flexible clear ionomer backing is abrasion-resistant and instantly paintable
  • Acrylic adhesive provides excellent sealing qualities and good outdoor durability
  • This is a thicker version of 3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape 4411N


Adhesive Color
Adhesive Type
Application Method
Apply by hand
Backing Material
Backing Thickness (metric)
0.05 mm
Back-Side Adhesive Thickness (metric)
0.1 mm
Core Size (metric)
76.2 mm
Elongation at Break
General Industrial, MRO, Specialty Vehicle, Transportation
Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius)
38 Degree Celsius
Net Weight (Metric)
1.74 kg
Overall Height (Metric)
2 mm
Overall Length (Metric)
165 Meter
Overall Width (Metric)
102 mm
Primary Liner
Product Category
Specialty Tapes
Product Form
Shelf Life in Months (from date of manufacture)
Tape Width (metric)
10.2 cm
Tensile Strength (metric)
87 Kilopascal
Total Tape Thickness without Liner (metric)
2 mm

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