3M SecureFit safety helmet, not ventilated, 1000 VAC, White, CE

Product details
  • Safe, comfortable head protection against small falling objects and for general use in industry
  • Belt system with exclusive, patented 3M ™ pressure distribution technology
  • The 4-point ratchet locking system enables the wearer to adjust the helmet height and fit with several vertical adjustment options.
  • The rimless design based on the climbing helmet allows an unobstructed view upwards
  • The existing notches and mounts are compatible with a variety of 3M (TM) visors, ear muffs and other accessories
  • Compatible with chin strap with plastic fastener
  • The patented UV indicator lets the wearer know when the helmet has been exposed to excessive UV exposure and should be replaced
  • Certified to EN 397 as an industrial hard hat
  • Checked for lateral deformation and liquid metal splashes
  • Electrical insulation for voltages of 1000 VAC and 440 VAC
  • UV stabilized ABS
  • Color white

The 3M SecureFit helmet X5501NVE-CE can be positioned variably and has an easily adjustable 4-point ratchet locking system with exclusive 3M  pressure distribution technology. Our white, rimless hard hat is equipped with a 3M UVicator sensor that indicates the extent of damage from UV radiation. It meets the EN 397 standard for general industrial purposes.

With the 3M ™ SecureFit ™ safety helmet X5501NVE-CE you get safe and comfortable head protection. The protective helmet was designed for general industrial use and daily safety requirements. Inspired by modern climbing helmets, it offers protection against small falling objects. It has an adjustable positioning on the head. Thanks to our 4-point ratchet locking system, the headband can be quickly and easily adjusted as required. The exclusive, patented 3M ™ pressure distribution technology is integrated into the helmet. It not only ensures a secure fit, but also improves comfort. This technology reduces the force on the head by up to 20% compared to conventional 3M (TM) helmet straps. The borderless design allows an unobstructed view upwards. In this way, possible danger points in the area can be better seen and avoided. This white safety helmet is equipped with a patented 3M ™ UVicator ™ sensor, the color of which changes from red to white in the event of harmful UV exposure. The helmet shell can become brittle under the influence of UV radiation, so that effective protection is limited. The color change of the sensor shows when the helmet should be replaced. The existing notches and mounts for accessories are compatible with a variety of 3M (TM) protective visors, ear muffs and other accessories. Chin straps with plastic fasteners can also be attached to the helmet. Tested for lateral deformation and liquid metal splashes and meets the EN 397 standard for industrial protective helmets.



Recommended application
Construction, forestry, oil, and gas industry
Recommended industry
Construction, well-developed infrastructure, mining, oil & gas, transportation
Quantity per packaging unit
Product series
Product type
Safety helmet
Uvicator sensor
Locking system
4-point ratchet


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