3M SecureFit Hard Hat H-701SFV-UV, White, Vented, 4-Point Pressure Diffusion Ratchet Suspension, with UVicator

  • The 3M SecureFit Hard Hat H-700 series employs an exclusive patented Pressure Diffusion Technology in its suspension system.
  • This ratchet suspension system, located lower on the head, minimizes pressure, ensuring comfort and security for wearers.
  • Compatible with various 3M accessories like faceshields and earmuffs.
  • Offers personalized fit with multiple height and head-shape adjustments.
  • Features a premium washable and replaceable sweatband using moisture-wicking material, maintaining worker comfort by keeping them cool and dry.


Empower your workforce with the 3M SecureFit Hard Hat Series, providing a balance of comfort, style, and safety. Available in cap style or full brim models, these hard hats incorporate patented Pressure Diffusion Technology in their suspension systems, ensuring enhanced comfort and security. Model include a UV exposure indicator, indicating when the helmet needs replacement. All variants comply with ANSI Z89.1 Safety Standards.


The 3M SecureFit H-Series Hard Hats bring together 3M innovation in comfort while preserving the classic cap and full brim design. Comfort during a full work shift is crucial, and 3M addresses this need by engineering a self-adjusting suspension system. As the ratchet tightens, this system flexes and adapts to the wearer’s head size, reducing forehead pressure and ensuring enduring comfort throughout the day





Case Quantity


Electrical Class

C, E, G


Pressure Diffusion Technology, UV Indicator

Hard Hat Type

Type I

Product Color


Product Type

Cap Style Hard Hat

Shell Material


Specifications Met

ANSI Z89.1, CSA Z94.1

Suspension Type

4 Point Ratchet



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Product Type

Sub Brand